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Akher Kalam

Date Added: February 14, 2013 05:26:10 AM
Author: Admin
Category: Middle Eastern Music: Mid-East Lyric Translations

Lyrics courtesy of EMI Music Arabia


I cannot believe the last words I am hearing from you. Is it true that you have betrayed my heart that love you? Oh sorrows! Welcome? the happy times have gone? it is the time to pay the price of the by-gone love? oh my poor heart? stay away from her? there is no use of passion? oh my sorrows? calm down? it is over? darling? walk away in your own direction? take everything with you? take the love we shared? take our happy life? leave me for my sorrows and pain? but beware of the nights? they might be hiding unpleasant surprises for you? think of the one you once loved? think of the sorrows and joy we shared? what else can you tell me? and why you want to say it? it is over? there is no way out but to say good bye.. tell life? tell compassion tell our past to compensate me for my wasted life? beware of the nights? think of our love we shared? of who was in love and who has betrayed? beware of life?