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El Layali (The nights)

Date Added: February 11, 2013 08:04:47 AM
Author: Admin
Category: Middle Eastern Music: Mid-East Lyric Translations

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El layali ragaitni tani,
The nights brought me back again,
Hob qalbi min gideed.
And renewed the love in my heart.
Baad ghiba, gani, rah nadani.
After he left, he came back and called for me.
Khala omri kolo aaid.
And made my life start anew.


Kont fein ya shaghili hawaya?

Where were you? You who stole my love?
Kont fein yalli qalbak maaya?
Where were you? You whose heart I possess?
Layali, layali, layali.
Nights, nights, nights...

Hobak, ya ghali, ghayarli hali.

Your love, oh precious, changed my entire outlook.
Alla shoqi leik, bashar wa banam.
Your love keeps me awake and lulls me to sleep.
Alimt rohi tihwak, ya rohi.
You taught my soul to love you, oh my soul.
Wit dooq maak agmal gharam.
And to taste, with you, the most beautiful love.


Law ghibt aani lahza bitewhashni.

If you're away from me for a second, I miss you.
Wandah aleik tool el saat.
And I call for you through the hours.
Wayak ya omri, ihlaw omri.
Because of you, oh my life, my life became joyful.
Wa rigeili beek omri elli fat.
And with you, I regained my lost life.