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Song lyrics of Arabic, Turkish, Persian, belly dance artists translated into English.

Al Atlal (The Ruins)

Translation of the song Al Atlal (The Ruins). And we became aware after the euphoria disappeared, and if only we had not awakened, wakefulness ruined the dreams of slumber, and the night came and the night is a friend, and then the light is an...

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Ala Rimsh Eyounha

Translation of Ala Rimsh Eyounha (In her eyelashes), music from Yasmina of Cairo presents Aheb Masr! Music and Songs for Oriental Dance.

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Karoun Karoun

Song lyric translation of an old Azeri song sung by Zeynab Khanlarova. Song composed by Alakbar Taghiyev, lyrics written by the great Azerbaijani poet Mikayil Mushfig.

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