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Belly dancer SalomeHello, 


I’m Salome, I own this website. Here is a little about me and how my website came to be. 

I’m a second generation belly dancer & got an early start in what would become my life's work. In my adolescence I enjoyed regular study and performance of Middle Eastern music and dance, along side my mother (dancer) and stepfather (tabla player).

When I was seventeen I began accepting professional solo engagements in the Pacific Northwest (USA), and in time, abroad. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a career in the commercial arena, headlining luxury venues, 5 star hotels, and casino's all over the world since 2000.

When you are on a long term performance contract, your night belongs to the stage but the day is yours to do with as you will. I had the time and desire to create a website dedicated to the study and appreciation of dance and music from the Near and Middle East. In 2003 debuted! It has become a trusted source, featuring a library, interviews, lyric translations and news.

Not long after, I got the bug to create a discussion platform. Lists and groups were popular then but felt unorganized and disjointed. I began and today we have over 20,000 members (and growing) from around the world. is my newest project. My aspiration for this site is to provide a comprehensive community driven directory for all aspects relating to Oriental dance. I hope you will join me in making it so!